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cranky, bad-tempered (Australian)
That girl is real snitchy today; she's even got her ears back.
by John Boon April 24, 2005
An unwarranted interjection in an otherwise controlled environment.
Teacher: So you see, we now have only three weeks before the biology exams.
Student: That means I will only have three more driving lessons before my driving test.
Teacher: Uhh.
Student: Sorry sir, just a bain-fart.
by John Boon April 23, 2005
a fart, for those who are too squeamish to say the word.
Mum: What's that smell of fish oil?
Son: It's only Micky's smelly dart.
Mum: Maybe we should use him to funmigate the attic.
by John Boon April 23, 2005
Of Italian descent. (Australian)
Dings, Wogs, Poms and Abbos.
by John Boon March 03, 2005

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