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Butters, from South Park
Damn it Butters, you Black Asshole!
by John Bassett December 09, 2006
One who partakes in the act of taming, domesticating, and ultimately the riding of a penis of a substantial length and girth. Not to be confused with the rider of a schlort, or a schledium; only the schlong rider deserves to be graced with this unique and entirely heterosexual moniker.
David, you schlong jockey, I can’t believe you actually sent that email to ITS!
by John Bassett February 08, 2007
Ancient Kenyan term referring to a skeet receptacle. Long suspected as culprit behind infamous fecal deposits in Bullock Hall toilets. The original black asshole remains an allusive figure, but his lore around Clark University is unparalleled.
Wanjau, that turd is wider then the diameter of a gorilla's rectum. How could that have possibly come out of a human's colon?
by John Bassett February 08, 2007
Phrase used while heaving up ridiculously inaccurate basketball shots. Can also be utilized during any unnecessary activity such as epic poof battles or reckless jaywalking. Can be used in accordance with the terms ‘count it,’ ‘jigglypoof,’ and ‘fagboy.’
Pick and roll! Pick and roll!
Outlet! Outlet! Rain dance!!!!
by John Bassett December 12, 2006
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