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1.Native Australian 2.Person with flat, upturned nose. 3.Person used as target practice or human shield. 4.Dole bludger. 5.Ingestor of methylated spirits, bagged wine and insects. 6.Cave dweller. 7.Person who lives like a bum or is dirty. 8.Semi-evolved being.
1.If it weren't for boongs, this country would be richer. 2.Lets throw another boong on the barbie.
by John Barry November 20, 2004
1. Person (namely female) who weighs a substantial amount more than the average human weight for their height. Can usually be characterised by wheezing and panting after traversing more than two stairs consecutively, constant reek of body odour and a profound love of all things food. Usual hang-outs include fast food restaurants like McDonalds, KFC and other fat-slinging retail establishments, and usually rummaging through the bins 'round back when they close. Talents include being able to down a large Family Bucket of the Colonels fried chicken in under nine seconds and being able to absorb cupcakes through the skin via osmosis. Have been known to make entire families homeless due to being able to eat a small third-world country's annual supply of food per week. See also droppie and droptank.
1. 'For the love of God, put down that bucket of lard you Fat Bitch!'
by John Barry July 04, 2006
1.Female of human species with a rather attractive body but an ugly or hideous face. Comes from phrase "Everything's good but-her-face". See also bag job. 2.Person with oily, pimply skin on face.
1.That chick over there is a butterface. 2.Look at all those pimples, what a butterface.
by John Barry November 20, 2004
1.Person with a sexually appealing body but ugly face. Said a sexual encounter would only be possible by placing a paper bag on their head, hence the term 'bag job'. See also butterface and prawn.
1.I'd fuck Trish, but she would have to be a bag job.
by John Barry November 20, 2004
1.Total nonsense talk, unintelligible or foreign language. 2.Communication using various noises, illegitimate words, nonsense or sounds. 3. Sentence, phrase or general communication not making sense, sometimes induced by several days of smoking crack or other substance.
1.Crack-heads all speak gibberish. 2.John Howard talks gibberish. 3.Drug loving hippies bopping down in a stone bearded trippywobble.
by John Barry November 20, 2004
1.Semi-evolved or primitive person, characterised by speaking with grunts and moans. 2.Person of low intelligence. 3.Person who cannot master simple technology such as calculators or toasters. 4.Simpleton. 5.Native Australian (see boong).
1.Aboriginals are such yard apes.
by John Barry November 20, 2004
1.A hideously ugly, repulsive, decrepid, foul, grotesque, unsightly, horrid, ill-proportioned, mangy, haggard, crude, bloated or generally ghastly person or being. 2.One who repulses.
1.Damn, John Howard is a mutant.
by John Barry November 21, 2004
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