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Used to draw attention to something.
by John Adams August 20, 2002
alves is when you are hotter then all the super models in the woirld put together.
that girl looks like an alves to me
by john adams March 12, 2005
New World Order or No Way Out.
Once the NWO is in place in 2004 there will be No Way Out for U.S. citizens.
by john adams November 13, 2003
being adrianced is when you have plowed more black people in the ass than the entire jail system of the united states
that test just adrianced me like a mother fucker
by john adams March 11, 2005
A person with an explosive temper who goes off like a bomb,the sun;where nuclear fission or fusion takes place;A thespian who enjoys playing Einstein or Robert Oppenheimer more then just once in his acting career>
Was Sam Jaffe a NUCLEAR REACTOR or did he ever play Dr. Albert Einstein in his acting career?
by john adams November 13, 2003
adrianced is when you have hung more black people then the entire southern half of the United States
I wish i could adriance that nigger
by john adams March 11, 2005
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