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2 definitions by John 21

An evolution of anarchism and stalinism. Anarchostalinists reject the dogmatism, inertia, impotence and gesturism of anarchism, and merge their anti-authoritarian and anti-statist views with a hard-line on anti-social criminals, drug pushers and the landowners. Could be seen as a 21st century urban Maoism. Rejects the automatic anti-Sovietism of liberal anarchists. Likes show-trials, tanks and rocket parades.
'Politicians? Shoot the bloody lot of them. It'd be better if Uncle Joe was still around...'
'You're just a bloody anarchostalinist'
'Better than being an effete bean'
by John 21 October 01, 2006
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A person of liberal politics and crusty, pseudo-alternative clothing. Common in London. Frequents Glastonbury, WOMAD and similar festivals. Would like to be a new-age traveller, but prefers the security of a well-paid job with pension. Passionate reader of 'The Guardian'. Professes to have 'leftie' politics, but is actually fascistic and very intolerant, especially as regards to victims of crime, bullying and abuse, blaming the victim rather than the offender. Origin: Billy Baked Bean, a well-known narcoleptic and dipsomaniac in London, who shouts from the rooftops about the Battle of the Beanfield being the defining moment in class struggle in the twentieth century.
'Did you see all those beans in the Albert last night, quaffing their pints and talking about Tibet?'
by John 21 October 01, 2006
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