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A form of greeting.
Variation of the word "Hey" pronounced "Heya" or "Haya"
Heja! How's it going?
by John "The Wolf" June 16, 2008
On The Internet, KOC is generally used as an acronym for "Kings Of Chaos."

A Massive online multi-player text based game based on Lord Of The Rings and another popular text based game called Outwar.

Players buy weapons with gold they earn or pillage, and build armies through buying unit production and having other players click on unique links, which they are given upon joining.

The game is run by four admin named Rocco, Ben, Aman, and Nick who unfortunately do very little to improve the game and are ultimately running what used to be a good game into the ground.
Hey, could you click my KOC link?

Thanks, my alliance doesn’t have their new recruiter up yet, and I need the men for spies.

So how long have you been playing KOC?
by John "The Wolf" July 04, 2005
Variation of the word "cool" within the context of something being good, superior, or interesting.
The word “Kool” is generally used by those wishing to eliminate any possible confusion between the indented meaning of the word and the more literal translation of the word “cool.”
Thats a pretty kool background.
by John "The Wolf" July 04, 2005

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