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A juice masseuse comes prepared with a variety of juices that will surely in the end be a very pleasant experience with many bonuses. juices will include; massage oils, sweat, more massage oil, more sweat, some leakage, sweat and then you know what "comes" next
when Matt ie: the juice masseuse arrives at April's with his plethera of juices and oils he rubbed her down until she was able to experience all the bonuses that "comes" with the massage
by John,April,Katie,Kate&Ryan December 29, 2005
While attempting to fist a sexy coworker you inadvertently
slam your finger against something extremely rigid and firm.
IE: Kate is the biggest finger banger in the office;
She accidently finger banged Ryan while attempting a reach around. see reach around
by John,April,Katie,Kate&Ryan December 29, 2005

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