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Farting in a vacant area and then walking deliberately past someone else or among a group of people dragging it along behind you.
I just gave B shift the worst Tokyo Waft ever
by John Wesley March 01, 2008
The latent energy frustration built up by your mouse by looking at porn in much the same way it gets built up in you.
Thats the worst case of blue mouse balls ive ever seen.
by John Wesley February 09, 2008
The guy in the hot tub that, like the Hot Tub Meerkat, can't quite commit to sitting all the way down but, damnit, they are trying, resulting in an act that resembles the Japanese Snow Monkey.
I was heading to the hot tub when i spotted the Hot Tub Snow Monkey and decided it was too fucking weird, I think i'll hit the sauna.
by John Wesley February 09, 2008
Titties. Breasts. Boobs. Hooters. Fun Bags.
Quit staring at my boobie dots.
by John Wesley February 13, 2008
Someone who has had so much plastic surgery and/or botox, their lips no longer move and they must speak only using the motion provided by their lower jaw.
We saw this hot looking woman, but she had so much face surgery she looked like a muppet when she spoke.
by John Wesley February 09, 2008
The untanned area directly under a girls ass cheeks that resemble cat eyes when bent over. Resulting from neither the suns nor the tanning beds ability to shine there.
Shelly bent over and it looked like a giant pair of cat eyes staring back at me.
by John Wesley February 11, 2008

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