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41 definitions by John Wesley

Volunteer Firefighter. Characterized by their custom maltese cross back window sticker and general disregard for driving safety while using their "flashers". Can also be spotted easily "off duty" (wal-mart, sonic, dollar general) wearing parts of their on-duty clothes and overtly apparent pagers. Most have a wallet badge and emergency trauma bag in their back seat containing just enough shit to get them in a slightly worse situation than they already are.
I had a fender bender and 2 Vollies stopped and held c-spine on me. Needless to say, I didn't panic and "felt" like I would be OK, mostly because they told me I would.
by John Wesley February 09, 2008
The guy in the hot tub that can't quite commit to sitting all the way down in the water so they just kind of wade in, and stand there resembling a meerkat.
I was on my way to the hot tub at the gym when I spotted the Hot Tub Meerkat and decided thats too fucking weird, i'll just hit the steam room.
by John Wesley February 09, 2008
Someone who can't resist a yard sale item no matter how fucking useless in either:
a) the attempt to resale said piece of shit for a quarter profit or...
b) thinks they will have a pretty good use for said item later
Patrick was such a crap herder, he picked up some broken tables from the trash collection pile and brought them to work.
by John Wesley February 09, 2008
pronounced "my-mac" Musically Induced Menstrual Cycle. Whether male or female, this is a sudden, uncontrollable menstrual cycle from listening to the Vaginal Moanings or Seminal Trapping genre of music.
Example: I was caught off guard when James Blunt came on the radio and I got my MIMC.
by John Wesley February 06, 2008
artistic expression used to describe the latest flood of cookie cutter songs from every current-era male pop musician. Recognizable by the usual accompaniment of pianos or violins, these are the songs that are inducing the collective menstrual cycles of the radio free world. Although usually reserved for male musicians, the term can, in some instances, be applied to the critique of female musicians if the faux-testosterone level is deemed beyond the “Vaginal Moanings” term assigned to the same music.
Male: Recently, while watching VH1, I found myself really enjoying the Seminal Trappings of Matchbox 20.
Female: Recently, while watching VH1, I found myself really enjoying the Seminal Trappings of Amy Winehouse and KT Tunstall.
by John Wesley February 06, 2008
NF(squared)A(squared). Abbreviation used to describe something thats No Fucking Fun At All.
This trip is really nf2a2.
by John Wesley March 05, 2008
Farting in a vacant area and then walking deliberately past someone else or among a group of people dragging it along behind you.
I just gave B shift the worst Tokyo Waft ever
by John Wesley March 01, 2008