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A person who after years of no contact shows up or gets dropped off (usually after a divorce, but may just be sniffing around) on your door step because their miserable attempt at life has failed and they would like to hang around your family for a little while. Instead of making a good pet, they usually just eat all your food and shit on your carpet.
My mother-in-law runs the neighborhood stray human shelter.
by John Wesley February 11, 2008
The list of all the accomplishments, accolades, scores and awards of a man concerning who they have had sex with, how many partners they have had sex with and number of times, where, style, how and when. May also, but not necessarily, include information about ones Spank Bank, masturbatory habits, wish lists and references.
Usually a document that a man is typically only able to submit for viewing to another man. If being submitted to a female counterpart, said mansume may be edited to the extent of a CIA document concerning the JFK assassination.
1. Timmy really wants to bone that woman soon.
2. Timmy will never get laid if she finds his mansume.
1. Yeah, thats one fine mansume Timmy has, it's gonna look better when she's on it.
by John Wesley February 10, 2008
A member of the Fire Department whose only apparent job is to stand in the front yard of the scene with arms crossed, otherwise not doing a damn thing.
I had to drag the hose around the Yard Gnome on my way into the house fire.
by John Wesley February 09, 2008
Economic theory that states lost wealth and missed financial opportunities will magically reappear at the end of ones career. Taken from Reaganomics where wealth trickles down from the top, zeke-onomics drizzles toward the rear.
1: "Sorry you didn't get that step raise ole chap, you'll make it up in the end."
2: "Thats some bullshit zeke-onomics"
by John Wesley February 11, 2008
A condition where the more professional a person tries to sound on a two-way radio, the gayer it comes out.
Transmissional Homosexuality: Engine Company is on the scene
Dispatch: FABULOUS!!
by John Wesley February 09, 2008
Central Alabama marijuana so strong, one toke can take down an entire boat crew. Characterized by foul odor, foul taste, hydroponically grown with magic frog urine and laced with cat tranquilizers. Typically found in the "Skeeter Leg".
When everyone came up missing, I went to the back of the boat and found them all passed out from smoking Terry Weed.
by John Wesley February 09, 2008
Pootist Holy War. So extreme, no one shall be left standing at the end of such carnage.
Mike the devout Pootist Monk called for a Fartwa to be carried out by all his followers.
by John Wesley February 09, 2008

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