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Honest to God only having a full tank of gas, a half a pack of cigarettes, its night and wearing sunglasses while being at a minimum 106 miles from Chicago or anywhere else. Generally, taking a roadtrip with little or nothing to your name for survival.
I'm headed to Atlanta with a Blues Brothers Loadout.
by John Wesley February 12, 2008
The bitch in the back seat on a road trip that will not shut the fuck up about what is on the radio but also thinks dance music is required to play no matter what the occasion or where you are going.
backseat DJ: "i wanna shake my booty!!!!"
driver: "shut the fuck up, it's 5a.m. and we are going to the airport."

by John Wesley February 12, 2008
A dildo so large, one could find easier ways of inserting a hippo instead. Usually a gag gift, but you know if they make it somebody can sure the hell use it. As a derogatory remark, something (person, animal, thing, etc.) may be called a Dildopotamus in reference to the fact that besides looking like a dick, otherwise, they are useless.
I ordered some sex toys off the internet and they left this giant dildopotamus on my doorstep.

If you dont quit calling things a dildopotamus in front of the baby, shes going to wind up saying it.
by John Wesley February 11, 2008
When alcohol is involved in making two (or more) otherwise straight girls making out.
Damn, look at those two bar bisexuals over there.
by John Wesley February 09, 2008
The kind of joint somebody rolls when they are too cheap and stingy to roll a "fatty". So thin, the rolling paper makes up the bulk of said joint and resembles a mosquitos (skeeter) leg when finished.
Terry could roll twenty Skeeter Legs from the same bag of pot anybody else could get 5 from.
by John Wesley February 09, 2008
Someone who sets up a blank phantom page that grants them entry into other peoples MySpace for the sole purpose of being nosey and gleaning peoples personal information without contributing anything back.
1. "How the hell did Kristin find out about last weekend?"
2. "Oh, she's a Myspace Weasel, she probably finger fucked your page for anything useful.
by John Wesley February 11, 2008
Vaginas that used to be tame, loved and well kept that for one reason or another (divorce, inactivity, marriage!, loss of self respect and/or self esteem) have been allowed to revert back to their natural state and overgrown with pubic hair. aka: Feral Monkey
I hooked up with Cindy the other night and she has the biggest Feral Beaver i've ever seen.

You could see Tinas Feral Beaver from across the pool!
by John Wesley February 11, 2008
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