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100 definitions by John Smith

Using your thumb and forefinger to squish a girls vagina preferably by tugging the clitoral hood over the labia. Best performed when unexpected.
Vaginafer is in for a nasty peach pinch.
by John Smith January 22, 2005
A bad Norwegian word that should not be uttered in this place.

Norwegian English
næjih = no/nah/nay

næijh, i do not want to suck your cock.

by John Smith August 18, 2003
one who gains insurance company dollars by using there profession to deceive
That disablities exspert was a real insurance company whore.
by john smith March 31, 2003
Fired upon with a scrooch-gun, as wielded by Gidney and Cloyd (moonmen from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon).
by john smith September 18, 2003
It's the way white people say "word" when they are making fun of black people. Most commonly found on the basketball court by white kids with head bands, arm bands, and finger bands with no left hand and glasses.
Waherda man, I saw that dawg be trippin' on da court when he be foulin' you my ni... I mean brotha!
by John Smith June 26, 2004
The two girls that go to De Pere high school constantly saying they belong to team jesus and such. They spaz often and filed harasment 3 times in one day. Hope you never run into THE BERSTERS.
Oh great, i got the bergsters in my next class
by john smith January 16, 2004
An extremely fast pace.
That bitch was talkin a mile a minute.
by john smith June 09, 2004