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100 definitions by John Smith

A commonly used military term used to describe a person who is either injured or faking injury to get out of training.
Private Pyle is suffering vaginal discharge and is now a broke dick on profile.
by John Smith March 22, 2005
People from spain. People call latino's spanish because they speak spanish even though they may not be spanish.
Hey look at that Spanish person. I'm not Spanish bitch! I'm Peurto Rican.
by john smith July 29, 2004
calling one "weak sauce" compares an individual to the "mild" sauce found at Taco Bell; weak, insignificant, attempting to be like the other hot sauces, but not living up to expectations.
"Dude, that papercut was some weaksauce bs."
by John Smith January 30, 2006
A phish song, guyute was a ugly pig, who walked on me and dance a jig, that he had learned when he was six, then stopped and did some other tricks, like pulling weapons from his coat, and holding them against my throat, he lecuried me in language starnge, then scamppered quickly out of range
Man guytue is an awesome phish song.
by John Smith January 27, 2005
The greatest game ever.
Marathon is such an awesome game.
by John Smith April 16, 2004
The feeling that the American, and general western liberal elites in the media, politics and academia get when they contemplate all the actions of Mikhail Gorbachev--the man they credit with bringing peace to the world, mostly since they hate Ronald Reagan (That cowboy!) too much to credit him with the fall of the Soviet Union. Whether or not they see that development as a bad thing is another story in itself...
A Gorbasm, ladies & gentlemen, is fake. A Gorbasm is a phony feeling of bliss and euphoria. Mikhail Gorbachev was credited by the media, and by many liberals in this country, with preserving the peace and security of the planet threatened by warmonger Ronald Reagan, and with bringing freedom to Eastern Europe and what used to be the Soviet Union.

To me, the Reagan defense buildup showed that we could maintain a world-class defense and a first-class economy, and the Soviets crumbled trying to keep up.

The time for worldwide jubilation was the day the USSR disintegrated. Gorbachev’s ouster has given the best reason in the world to have that one final, but sincere, Gorbasm. For now that the communist regime has imploded, there truly is a chance for lasting peace.
by John Smith October 14, 2004
Total title for the OGG-audio code.
License free.
Supports multiple channels up to 256.
Far more superior to elder technologies as the German MP3-code.
Will not be used in the industry that quickly.
I just uploaded ogg-encoded files to Kazaa.
by John Smith November 02, 2003