100 definitions by John Smith

An Arabic dip , made out of oil , dried mint , and sesamee seeds.
I eat zaatar with my bread.
by john smith July 28, 2004
Some kind of soup I've never had before. Sean Connery's favorite type of food.
Alex Trebek: Any food item, it really doesn't matter. Just a food. Let's see what you put.
Sean Connery wrote, "What is miso". Very good! The first correctly answered question of the day, miso is a kind of soup. And he wagered.. horny. Miso. Horny.
by John Smith October 17, 2004
When a woman begins to ovulate and is becoming generally cranky and anooyed at everyone.
Damn, i told sarah to suck me off but then she started screaming at me, she must be on her period.
by John Smith March 21, 2003
A Pimp last name. The name is Pimpin. A guy i know is named Steven Wang. Stevem is a gay name. If it is put onto Wang, it means that person sucks donkey balls, and eats ball cheese from the prarie oysters of a young bull.

He is also a damn chinese fuck.
Steven Wang is a damn chinese fuck.
by John Smith March 09, 2005
a song, which was remade for Dance Dance Revolution, which all n00bs play on beginner mode which they then fail
Dude, i cant believe i failed We Will Rock You
by John Smith February 26, 2004
A ranchy transvestite who enjoys placing rasins in her anus
Dude, did you see that Ricci, she smells schtanky
by john smith December 30, 2004
the forbidden love a 21 year old has for a 16 year old lolita. aka 'Jail Bait''
Hopefully Jordan pulled out of his young love so he won't be charged with statutory rape.'
by John Smith March 01, 2005
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