100 definitions by John Smith

Just a guy, with love handels. Adam Molloy apparently fancies him. How odd. Smells quite alot.
Gaw, he smells like a Nombie.
by John Smith April 19, 2005
when a chick or guy has sucked to much cock that their breathe stinks of some bad cock.
jared,luke.o and sluts and gay fags
by john smith November 26, 2003
Sex in high Tempratures with Monkeys and Dil-do's
Bob and The Monkey had Hot Monkey Sex
by John Smith May 02, 2003
A word i heard in my pyschology lesson from my teacher sam rogers. It is the disease in which the penis grows inward causing spontaneous combustion
it was cold, alex noticed that his penis had started to shrink, his penis then went inside himself and he died.
by john smith November 09, 2004
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