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an injectable drug that enhances erections when you experience erectile dysfunction.None of the side-effects of viagra, and it works in 10 minutes.Also makes your dick thicker in the process.
I was having trouble keeping it up so the urologist prescribed A/P/P/ which I inject into the side of the base. Whether she plays with it or not, it comes 'up' if I think about wanting it to.(No, the injection DOES NOT hurt, but it makes the head a wee bit tender for aggressive oral sex)
by John R. December 09, 2003
The part of a stock broker's body that you stick your dick into.
I bent the broker over in the parking lot and ram my rod up his cornhole.
by John R. October 31, 2003
Bearer bonds
Stock broker term for bogus bonds.
by John R. October 31, 2003
vaginal penetration sex without a condom barrier
She told me that she had passed thru menopause, a whole year without a period, that I needn't use a condom. I mounted her slowly, getting further in by an inch with each thrust. "oh, this is my first bareback sex in 15 years, she said langorously. Fuck me, John, come for me.
by John R. December 08, 2003
Overly effeminate homosexual.
This snapdragon was so desparate to sell me some bogus stock that he offered to smoke my white owl.
by John R. October 31, 2003
a condom which is already treated with lubricant inside the package
her pussy was a mite dry last night so I rolled on a lube before I mounted her
by John R. December 09, 2003
piss flaps
Her labia hung down so far that she decided to get her piss flaps surgically reduced.
by John R. January 02, 2004

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