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on a woman, the soft pad of fat over the pubic bone, just above the vulva
at the last moment, I pulled it out and ejaculated onto her mound
by John R. December 09, 2003
the sensitive area on a penis where the head (glans) and the shaft meet on the bottom side.
After years of boring blowjobs she knelt in front of me and tongued my frenulum;it was the quickest that I had ever gotten off !
by John R. December 09, 2003
The pearlescent drop of cloudy sticky fluid that forms at the tip of the penis after visual or physical stimulation
"She had teased his cock for nigh on 20 minutes. Just before she began to suck him,she found a drop of precum oozing from his meatus.She licked it off with apparent relish and smiled up at him."

His cock oozed pre cum as he watched the porno flick
by John R. December 08, 2003
the closed end of a (male) condom; the diameter of the condom is greatly reduced for the last 1/2-to-3/4".This small chamber reduces the pressure of semen in the end of the condom, reducing the risk of the condom breaking.
She squashed the reservoir tip of the condom with her thumb and forefinger as she rolled the 'lube' onto his erect penis.
by John R. December 09, 2003
This is the act of where a gent urinates all over his girls body
"We were showering together when suddenly I had an intense desire to piss. She knelt before me, facing away from me but grasping my balls. I peed over her shoulders and down her back"
by John R. December 08, 2003
A latex or sheepskin sheath to put over the penis before intercourse. Also a lube'd polypropylene sheath that the woman can installed in her vagina;the guy won't even notice its there if he doesn't finger her first. He can just slip right up in there and there's no condom sensation at all. They even sell female underwear with it fastened in.
Condoms are hated by some men because it lowers their sensations somewhat, there is an interruption to put it on, and wearing one means that some of the responsibility of contraception falls on the male.

Never bareback someone that you don't want to have to negotiate with for the next 21 years.In other words, No glove, no love... unless one is interested in paying child support for the next 18-26 years
by John R. December 08, 2003
a reference to oversized clothing (usually on fat people)
her underwear must have been made by Omar the tentmaker.

she got that dress from Omar the tentmaker
by John R. December 09, 2003

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