14 definitions by John John

wen u penetrate so much in anal ur nuts go in too, and they come out all rown and shit, much like the waters around a pittsburgh steamboat
damm bro i got shit on me from that crazy ass pittsburgh steamer!!!!!!
by john john January 03, 2005
wen matt orth jacks off to abercrombie and fitch magazines cuz hes a fagget
woah man matt orths gay as hell
by john john January 03, 2005
full on erection - as hard as it can get when you feel like a vein might pop and explode
when that chick grabbed my junk i got some heavy cream right away
by john john November 30, 2004
A mammoth man who walks with an awkward limp. Also, 1/2 mast for a smaller version and tits mast edition for one with man titties.
Damn, did you see full mast. He just walked by that little midget asian kid. He has to be atleast triple his size.
by john john November 30, 2004
naked woman and a coca cola
Man, I had a coke and a smile last night, it looked right.
by John John October 17, 2003
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