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A soreness or aching of the elbow joint due to extended periods of phone conversation.
Guy 1: I had to take some Advil for my arm

Guy 2: Whats wrong with it?

Guy 1: Not much, just a little bit of phone elbow.
by John J Lannon January 21, 2009
Beastly breasts; i.e. a pair of breasts exhibiting extraordinary size and/or density
man 1: Dude, she's STACKED
man 2: Yeah, those are some insane breests
by John J Lannon January 16, 2009
A common remedy for nasal congestion due to the common cold

The opposite of Cologne, worn by men who are determined to NOT get laid.
I got a cold, so I used some Vick's Vapor Rub.

Dude, you smell like Vick's... You can't go out like that!
by John J Lannon January 26, 2009
A sudden onset of diarrhea induced by means of laxative poisoning.
Guy 1: So i was at this concert and... (Guy one runs away.)
Guy 3: Where did he go?
Guy 2: Laxattack. I put some laxatives in his coffee this morning
by John J Lannon January 26, 2009
A pornographic picture
I found an erotograph hidden under my dad's mattress.
by John J Lannon January 21, 2009
Abbreviation - Queef At Will

Man 1: Did the date go well?

Man 2: Yeah, just a little gross. She could QAW
by John J Lannon February 07, 2009
A type of medicine, usually some sort of mild hallucinogen, that induces a low resistance to seduction. Formed from Seductive + Sedative
man 1: Did you do her?
man 2: Yeah... I probably shouldn't have, but i was on seductatives!
by John J Lannon January 16, 2009

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