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A Tv channel with a major identity crisis. Formerly ZDTV, then Tech TV, then G4techtv, now G4. The G in G4 supposedly stands for "games", but they have 1 show dedicated to gaming (X Play, with Cheat! being part of it now as a 5 minute segment). Also, Attack of the Show sometimes has maybe 10-15 minutes of technology, and the rest is viral videos of people getting punched in the balls.
G4 can suck my weenie.
by Johhny McScrawny July 11, 2008
The most bitched about weapon in Call of Duty 4.

M16+Red Dot Sight+Stopping Power=The bane of COD4 fanboys and the main setup of losers.
Sucker 1: "oh no! I was just killed by the M16! What a noobish gun! I have to go complain about it on an internet forum, because if I do, people will listen to me and stop using it!"

M16A4 user: "Quit your bitching, it's in the game, so it's fair!" (It isn't, by the way)

Me:"Call of Duty 4 sucks"
by Johhny McScrawny July 11, 2008
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