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...or rum-hangover.
When you've been drinking rum and waking up with a bad hangover.

bro-tip: Rum goes well with coca-cola.
1person: Wow, I drank so much bacardi and woke up with the worst hangover ever.

2person: Captain Morgan has cast his revenge upon you.

3person: Captain Morgans' Revenge!
by Johannarin May 29, 2011
Helping ugly people have sex since the 17 century.
John got laid last night because she had too many beers.
by Johannarin December 10, 2010
Probably the most straight Bacardi a male can drink. Goes well with coke if mixed 50/50 or served as whiskey on the rocks.
Reminds a bit about Captain Morgan rum but it's not sweet and you wont throw it up as easily. Looks like whiskey, pretty bottle too.
A male can only drink Bacardi Oak Hearth and Superior. All other Bacardi is for women, pussies and gay men.
by Johannarin July 17, 2012

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