4 definitions by Johannah

Boobs that point slightly to the side
whoa, i can tell directions with your tits.
by JoHannah May 20, 2003
when celebs like nicole richie for example need to have fat injected into their frail and skeletal bodies so that they dont look so terrifyingly scary
nicole richie needs a serious caposection; she's wasting away!

lindsey lohan became so skinny that she needed a caposection.
by Johannah January 06, 2006
A person that or objest that is hella tight.
That person is hesha, they got hops.
by JoHannah May 20, 2003
A hate group targeted to a little asain loster.
dude, that asain is a big ass pooka chook
by JoHannah May 20, 2003

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