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4 definitions by Johannah

Boobs that point slightly to the side
whoa, i can tell directions with your tits.
by JoHannah May 20, 2003
14 7
when celebs like nicole richie for example need to have fat injected into their frail and skeletal bodies so that they dont look so terrifyingly scary
nicole richie needs a serious caposection; she's wasting away!

lindsey lohan became so skinny that she needed a caposection.
by Johannah January 06, 2006
0 1
A person that or objest that is hella tight.
That person is hesha, they got hops.
by JoHannah May 20, 2003
3 13
A hate group targeted to a little asain loster.
dude, that asain is a big ass pooka chook
by JoHannah May 20, 2003
1 13