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1. A Major League Baseball team from Chicago, Illinois. (n)
2. A team that has not won the World Series since 1908. (n)
3. A team that blames their misfortunes on a goat. (n)
4. A team that blamed a 2003 Game 6 loss on a fan rather than their manager and players. (n)
5. A team whose fans think that they will win the World Series before the season begins, but loses their thinking after they see their team on the bottom of the division 10 days after the season starts. (n)
6. A team whose fans do not know the game of baseball, but attend games to get intoxicated. (n)
-The Chicago Cubs fans screamed their rallying cry: "maybe next year"
-A Chicago Cubs fan ordered another beer and asked a fellow game attendee what the score was.
by Johan S April 10, 2007

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