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3 definitions by Joeyy

1. A word used to describe a tall person with amazing chess skills.

2. A word used instead of the word 'Joke'
1. "Man that kid is such a Jochi"
2. "Stop Jochi-ing with us!"
by Joeyy April 27, 2008
When one is so deprived of sex and sleep that he must rush home to masturbate after school or work. He then immediately goes to sleep.
Lilly left me yesterday and I was up all night studying for that exam. I gotta go whack and nap.
by Joeyy May 03, 2008
Emo, is more of a state of mind then a style. FOr those of who who are on here complaining about Emo Kids, you obviously dont know the definition. Emo is a state of mind in which you are depressed, sad, hurt. Its not a sense of fashion. Emo's do not cut themselves. Emo Kids have the option to, but most do not. Cutter would be the term for cutting yourself. Okay?
Kid1: Wow, he looks emo today.
Kid2: DO you even know what that means?
Kid1: Sure. HE cuts himself and crys all day.
Kid2: No dude, your an asshole.
Kid1: Why?
Kid2: Cause your dumb.
Kid1: Your gay
Kid2: Go to urban dictionary. There you can learn.

Jeez guys. Get it right.
by Joeyy April 06, 2007