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A term used for a native Vermonter who displays Vermont characteristics. Derogatory if used by a person out of state, otherwise known as a flat-lander, or "out of stater".
The flat-lander from out of state who cannot drive in snow called the maple-syrup chugging, logger who owns a farm and wears plaid a "woodchuck", as the woodchuck pulled the $50,000 SUV with a ski-rack out from the ditch with his rusty tractor which he was driving down the highway.
by JoeytheNifty November 05, 2003
Affirmation of coolness or appropriateness. Suffix in "bomb-diggity", which only emphasizes the definition of "bomb".
1. "I'm going to hand you several shiny gifts." -- "Diggity."
2. "Admit it, I'm the bomb-diggity."
by JoeytheNifty November 05, 2003
The act of having sex with a dog while it performs cunnilingus on a woman who is so stank that you would not perform the act yourself. Sarcastic expression.
She smalled like gym socks, so I thought it was best to use a canine bushing.
by JoeytheNifty November 05, 2003
The first name of Tupac Shakur, a rapper many refer to as "'Pac" as if he was an old friend of the family. Dead, though many feel clever saying that he isn't, and a common preference for posers who want somebody to anme as their favorite rapper that nobody can argue with.
Poser: Yo man, 'Pac is alive, man, he's still the greatest rapper alive. Word.

Real Hip-hop Fan: Shut up, he is dead, and he wasn't that much better than Big Punisher, if he was at all.
by JoeytheNifty November 05, 2003
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