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A: A school for squares and bros.
B: An imaginary college behind Jimmy John's (especially when used by a student at the University of Minnesota).
C: A depository of nice Lutheran girls.
Usage A:
Mom 1: "My son goes to Augsburg College."
Mom 2: "Ahh, he must be quite the little brah."
Mom 1: "You're right, he is."

Usage B:
U student 1: "I went to get a sandwich the other day and I swore I saw a college bookstore across the street."
U student 2: "Were you drunk?"
U student 1: "Probably. My mistake."

Usage C:
Dude 1: "I hear you got a new girlfriend."
Dude 2: "I did. She studies Youth and Family Ministry at Augsburg College."
Dude 1: "She must be a very nice young woman with a healthy spirituality."
Dude 2: "Don't forget about her physical attrativeness!"
by Joeyjojrjackamo4 September 19, 2010

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