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A sexual position involving two females and one male participant. The two females spread legs and meet vagina-to-vagina (also known as scissoring) and the male inserts his penis into the center; so named the guillotine because his 'head' gets cutoff by the scissors.
I lost my crucial head to a guillotine with two skeezers I took home from the bar last night.
by Joey_330ci July 25, 2010
Slang term for a man's Glans penis, better known as the 'head' of the penis.
I tried to field the ground ball, but it hit a rock and crashed into my crucial head; I should have worn a cup.
by Joey_330ci July 25, 2010
A sex position involving three male and one female participant. The female bends over performing fellatio (oral sex in layman's terms) on one male and gives the other two hand jobs with fully outstretched arms mimicking the motion of a flying pterodactyl with its head bobbing and wings flapping.
Me and my bros took some drunk skeezer home from the bar last night and pulled a pterodactyl on her ass before running a train; without condoms of course.
by Joey_330ci July 25, 2010
A popular and generally accepted alternative to the word 'texts', as in text messages.
So check it brah, I done sent this hoe like 10 texas with no response. Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks.
by Joey_330ci July 26, 2010
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