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(n.) A combination of the words corn hole and poon tang. Corntang is a word used to describe a girls butthole.

(v.) The act of eating a girls butthole.
Wow that girl is so hott. I would definitely eat her corntang.

You have a beautiful butthole, if only you were down to corntang.

What? You haven't douched today? Its fine, I'll just corntang.
by JoeyDaJock June 19, 2011
(n.) One who is addicted to corntanging.
Joey - "Damn ever since Eric licked her butthole he has become a Corntangopotamus."
by JoeyDaJock June 28, 2011
(v.) The act of smush doctoring a girl while corntanging. (Level of difficultly 9).
Joey- "Dude did you hear Eric cornsmushed that girl last night?"
J.R.- "Yea man he said he acted like he was gonna fuck her doggystyle but instead he got nose deep in her corntang."
by JoeyDaJock June 19, 2011

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