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When one cracks a C, they are opening a canned soda. It refers to the "crack" sound made by the can. Pretty funny. C stands for Cola too, incase you're wondering.
Joey: Im tired, better crack a C
Kyle: OMG, this kid just cracked a C at 5:00 A.M.
Will: OMG, 5 AM C's are a bad idea.
Joey: Josh cracks C's all the time, he doesn't sleep.
by Joey Temprile March 06, 2006
When one cracks a C, they are opening a Coke or Pepsi. The C can stand for either coke or can.
Joey: I'm tired, better crack a c.
Will: You crazy bitch? It's 4:30 A.M.!
Kyle: OMG, kid just cracked a C
by Joey Temprile March 12, 2006
A place where reality is barred at all costs. Sort of like some kind of twilight zone. The girls here are hot.
People who live in Waldorf Court can be found saying things like:

Cait: Most boys just want to be friends and not get into my pants.

Syd: We don't NEED to leave the court...everything outside the court is evil.
by Joey Temprile November 02, 2007

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