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To start off, Ill tell show what kind things scene kids like to wear.
-Very tight jeans that squish your nuts.
-Band tees usually consisting of bands such as Bring me the horizon or norma jean, Note: they must be size kids large or x-tra small, ALWAYS.
-Vans slip ons, usually with some kind of obscene image portrayed on them. Old Black converse would work too.
-Hair very long in the front; long sideburns that swipe over half their face and short in the back.
-Studded belts with half the studs ripped off to make it look checkered
-Any type of obscene peircing; i.e. the nose, snake bites, etc.

-Band tees with bands like Boys like girls, or shirts with little trinkets such as diamonds and little purple dinosaurs and also bats.
-Tight jeans
-Skirts with leopard skin tights
-black or white converse lo's
-lots of beads and bracelets
-loaded on mascara (looks like crap)
-long bangs and hair on the sides that hangs down to shoulders
Ok, Now that we have covered what scene kids' like to look like out in the pubz, we'll move on to what scene kids do and what they are all about.
Scene kids emerged from the big group of "emo" kids when they were tired of being called cutters and babies and what not. But most scene kids now are recognized for what kind of music they listen to, and always "being where the scene is." Scene kids Like to party at shows for bands they have never even heard of most of the time, and they shop for t-shirts at hottopic that are 2 sizes too small for them. Scene kids also listen to a lot of Metal/grindcore bands, and occasionally, you'll come across your wigger/scenester, who listen to a little rap. Scene kids also like to "get crunk" They use words such as "&&" and "OMGEEZ!!1", which they think will make them look cute. They also refer to oliver sykes a lot, the screaming frontman for Bring me the horizon.
Overall, scene kids are usually annoying to people who don't understand them and are a nuisance to society.
"OMGEEZ!!1 That shirt is so scene!!1, && THOSE beads are so stunning xx"
"OLI SYKES aint got sheitt on me, I am so scene!!1"

"scene kids are so cool!"
by Joey Snarf February 07, 2008

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