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someone who uses feathers to give someone a boner.
Get the fuck over here you fifer.
by Joey Rockwell May 23, 2008
someone who is a fag and is comfortable around dicks.
Hey shlong master 3000, get your dumbass over here.
by Joey Rockwell May 23, 2008
a free grab of someone else's body.
Hey girl, can I get a free squeezie before I leave.
by Joey Rockwell May 23, 2008
Someone who rides cock; a fag.
Joey is such a penial thrasher
by Joey Rockwell May 23, 2008
Usually a cocky douche bag who wears polo shirts (especially popped-collar), and likes to walk around with a starbucks iced cappachino while wearing a Northface jacket. The person is a preppy bitch who thinks they're hot shit because they're rich spoiled little assbags. Commonly, bros are whipped bitches who buy girls shit in the hopes that this will get them some, but the girls are only using him for his free shit.
Jake: Look at that kid over there. What a bro. Lets kick his ass.
Matt: Ya, that kids a douchebag.
by Joey Rockwell May 24, 2008
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