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The forced quirkiness seen in many underaged scenesters/hipsters who want to impress older hipsters with their uniqueness. These people try very hard to exude an attitude of easy-going oddness and look like idiots to everyone except their fellow gardenstaters.
The Shins concert I attended last night was almost ruined by the gardenstatery surrounding me.
by Joey Ratz May 17, 2005
The popular new buzzword describing slightly off-beat music and movies that cost less than 4 million dollars (but generally more than 1) to make regardless of whether or not the album or film in question is independent of anything. See also Alternative.
And idiot would consider the films Garden State, Adaptation, or Sideways to be "indie." That idiot might also stupidly assume The Killers, Radiohead, or The Pixies to be "indie."
by Joey Ratz May 17, 2005
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