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Meaning Excited or Entertained. Used by mostly intercity youth. Particularly in the projects of East New York.
"I was watching that new Jackie Chan movie last night, shit had me open!"
by Joey Kola November 24, 2006
Gut Do (Gut-Do)

Used to describe females whose stomaches stick out more than their tits do. They may have large breasts, but they have a larger gut.
Guy 1: "Lisa's ok in the face, but she has a bit of a gut do"
Guy 2: "Gross"
by Joey Kola August 30, 2012
A tee shirt company that caters from high school to college age kids with terrible shirts with "witty" saying on them usually indicative of current events.

Also featuring the SAME red headed girl wearing said T-Shirts who isn't attractive in every single photo that they seem to produce.
A: "Hey did you see that Busted Tees Ad?"

B: "You mean the one with the busted girl?"

A: "Yeah, the red head"

B: "Yeah, she sure is fucking ugly"
by Joey Kola February 26, 2007

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