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When you lay a female on her stomach and lubricate your penis and the crack of her ass, and tail bone section. Gently, without Penetration stroking back and forth, up and down until an orgasm is reached.
Let's have tail bone sex
by Joey Jaw Breaker May 12, 2008
A slang term used by an inmate as the name of a collect phone at a correctional institution, because every time you use it, it makes you so pissed off that you can't go anywhere or do anything, that you want to commit suicide when done.
If I where you I would stay away from those suicide lines. Just do your time.
by Joey Jaw Breaker May 12, 2008
When someone has sex without getting paid, or having sex without getting head first.
I was the biggest trick last night
by Joey Jaw Breaker May 12, 2008
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