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The exquisite feeling of laying down with a partner who feels extremely comfortable to lay with. Usually occurs within the first few minutes of laying down while your bodies begin to warm up. Most occur because you are in love with someone and your bodies fit together like a puzzle piece. Researchers have found that most cuddle-gasms are vocalized by a small whimper from the female or the "ahhh" sound from the man.
Tim: Hey do you hear those noises coming from Monica's room?
George: Yeah.. It's just Monica and her boyfriend, they practice abstinence but they always have cuddle-gasms.

Tim: cool story bro, want to go hit the gym?

George: yeah dude I bet I can bench more then you!

by Joey Fizzle October 24, 2010
1. the judicial branch of government.
2. the system of courts of justice in a country.
3. judges collectively.
4. pertaining to the judicial branch or system or to judges.
"The United States judiciary excercises authority and prepares plans for judges, sumbits suggestions to various courts, and carries on a continuous study of operations of the federal courts as prescribed by the United States Supreme Court."
by Joey Fizzle January 02, 2008
the act of vigorously training in the water. Including swimming drills, laps, or any water activity of high intensity.
Ben: "Hey Joe, are you coming tonight to play some pong?"

Joe: "Nah bro, I'll probably be too tired after phelpsing."
by Joey Fizzle March 29, 2009

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