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Having a hard time getting the most two important things in life to a teenager, $Money$ And *Pussy* (sex), when the droughtsydrome takes place, a teenager becomes desparate and fucks with ugly chicks, and become a depressed 50+ year old virgin
Damn What the fuck is wrong with james?
Oh man i think he got Droughtsyndrome
Damn im glad im gettting some pussy this weekend
by Joey Danza September 18, 2008
A techinique used to get a girl, the bagging part is to get to know a girl and sooner or later you ask her out, and the busting part is basically having sex.
Damn you see Juile
Yea, man
Let me go Bag and Bust real quick
Aight man do u
by Joey Danza July 25, 2008
1) To pass something

2) Show someone something important
Joe- yo wass gud, u want some Henney?
John- Yea, Swing Dat
Joe- Here take dat sipp fam
by Joey Danza February 08, 2009
When you have a Sidekick (phone) and you constanly flip it to see how beautiful the flip is.
Joe- what you doing my nigga?
John- just here Kick Flippin
Joe- you texting anyone?
John- Nah, I just like how it look, when it flip
Joe- I hope that shit break...
by Joey Danza January 17, 2009
When you say something or preidct something, and it doesnt go your way, but you change your mind at the last minute, and switch situations.
Joe- Did you see super bowl 43?
John- Yes man Steelers my team
Joe- You some Backslide ass nigga... you was going for the Cardinals when i texted you
John- No i didnt
by Joey Danza February 01, 2009

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