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The BEST show to come on TV in a long time.
The plot centers around Walter White, a chemistry teacher with nothing going right. He doesn't get paid enough, his son has cerebral palsy, his wife is pregnant, and to top it all off, he has lung cancer. So the only logical way to raise money is to use his skills in chemistry to cook up some really "good" meth and sell it with the help of his former student-turned-pusher. It also doesn't help that his brother in law is in the DEA. Bryan Cranston, known as the wacky father and only saving grace of that disgraceful malcolm in the middle show, plays Walter to perfection.
If you haven't seen this show...WATCH IT!
Breaking Bad, on AMC on sunday nights.
by Joey Boombatz February 24, 2008
What idiots use as a euphemism for general drug use and a reason for misbehaviour. Of course they lack the basic knowledge that crack is SMOKED (what do you think a crackpipe is for, dummy?), and not snorted. It's powder cocaine, or llello, yoca cola, A1 Yola, and so on that you snort.
"You've been snorting crack?"
"No, fuckhead. Smoking it."
by Joey Boombatz February 25, 2008

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