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The person, or persons in an office that wants to be involved in every little thing, yet never makes a decision, or takes responsibility claiming it’s not their job, or they don’t get paid to do so. As the person is proclaiming this they shake their head around like an angry woman in the ghetto in an argument.
Joey: “we can make this a new standard, just assign it a number and record it.”
Rob: “you can’t just make anything a standard like that, it has to be discussed and approved”
Joey: “you want to take care of that for us Rob?”
Rob: “tsssssk, it’s not my job, I’m not on the standards team”

Tim: "man you see him doing the Office Ghetto Neck?"
by Joey Beef Buicker August 03, 2010
A person who refuses to pay off their debts. When given the chance this person perfers to take out more loans, buy more things and spend more money, These people that they may actually get out of debt some day so they keep compiling it.
Roger: "I'm going to open my 17th credit card to buy some power tools I don't need. Then I'm going to take a cash advance on the remaining balance and go to the casino. Then when I get paid on Friday I'm going to the used car lot to buy a 6th car even though it's just me and my wife and we both work two blocks from home and really don't need cars at all."

Doug: "Jesus Christ Roger, why don't you cut up all your credit cards and try saving your money for a change.

Roger: "but I need all this stuff, I can't live withou it."

Doug: "You've become a Debt Hoarder you know that?"
by Joey Beef Buicker October 27, 2010

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