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Net Registry has the opposite to the 'midas touch'

They have whats called the 'turn to shit touch'



Everything Net Registry Touch, it all just turn to shit EPIC FAIL
by Joesph Mahonie May 18, 2008
A Web Hosting & Domain Company that failed.

Usually referred to as NR

NR is a mega epic fail

You just got NR'D!!!!
1.Angelina took a shit in the toilet, it over flowed and now the shit is on the floor.

The toilet got NR'D!!!!

2.Larry got smashed in the eye socket at a pub coz he was a loser.

Larry got NR'D!!!!


Giles & Larry = shit cunts

Net Regsitry (NR) = fail

so if shit cunts = fail then inconclusion shit cunts and fail can only make NR!
by Joesph Mahonie May 19, 2008

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