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A female student attending Keene State on their daddys dime, but is actually saving money since they couldn’t get into UCONN. Even in January when its below zero you’d think you were in the tropics as they show up to class gleaming a healthy orange, wearing oversized sunglasses, and a white smile that’ll blind you instantly. You know they are prepared for the tough walk across the quad as they show up to class wearing their Gortex North Face, UGG boots, and black stretchy pants (not a bad thing!). Engaging in conversations with them will instantly lower your IQ, you are forewarned.
Kid 1: Can you imagine someone actually got a zero on that open book exam?

Kid 2: Ya it was that girl that sits to my left!

Kid 3: Oh her, shes such a Connecticut Special!
by Joeman9943 April 06, 2010

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