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Synonym for an obnoxious drunk person who is participating in a drinking game, esp. Kings.

Originated in G Block common room after the 2007 Semi-Formal when one player picked up a J card (the rule card).

Everytime you swear, you have to say 'flamingo' to accompany it.
"Look at those underage fucking flamingos."

"Where the fucking flamingo are you going?"

"Suzie is fucking flamingo HOT!"
by Joeli, Jess and Miranda May 27, 2007
You call someone a 'barn' when they do something stupid, annoy you or reveal an embarrassing secret about themselves.

Also a synonym of idiot, fuckhead, fuckass, loser... etc
"You like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers? ...You're a fucking barn!"

"You're annoying me, you stupid barn."

"That barn just drank a litre of shit!"

by Joeli, Jess and Miranda May 27, 2007

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