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sanskrit for "pigeon"
eka pada raja kapotasana
one leg royal pigeon pose, where asana means pose
by Joel Sailor December 22, 2006
When security or police forces use their drug sniffing dogs on your body or property.
Yo, I just got drug-dogged in the hall, man, they didnt find nothin!
by Joel Sailor December 23, 2006
A perfect "world" scenario, much like the utopia, which is misassumed as perfect, but actually just another world possibility. Again, utopia = dystopia or perfection or anything in between, a cautopia, IF I'm spelling it right, is a perfect world, like anarchy without the an or the archy, just, heaven!
my cautopian dreams are truly less than that perfect impossibilty, alas, alas, but hey we gots cable, bubba, put another bullet in my gurgling stpid mouth, ah the bubbling red of total hate and loss, hell bound we are. So Impossible? Or just Ultimate Truth (Dis)Embodied ?
by Joel Sailor December 22, 2006
synonym for the common meaning of "cool", aka dope, tight, the shit, etc.
Dang, you frame, I wanna keep you on my wall for long time.
by Joel Sailor December 23, 2006
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