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somthing thats is especially unpleasant/discusting
I went on the piss hard last night and I feel like a can of smashed assholes
by Joel R May 28, 2005
one tha abuses ones friendship and only calls you when he?she needs somthing
one that always asks you
"you got a couple bucks I can borrow, jst till payday...Ill pay you back"?
"got a spare sig"?
"can I have kill"?
"Can you cash this cheque for me"
fuck guy is suck a moochaliny, he needs to give his fucking head a shake.
by Joel R May 29, 2005
one who resides in a Trailerpark (mobilehome community) and smells mand dresses very shitty with little or no intellect
look ant that shiddyidioy over there in the park,what fucking trash ...he should go tie his shoeslace to the traintracks or somthing
by Joel R May 29, 2005
An extreamly fat, lazy ,cunt of a human being who still lives in moms basement and constantly wears trackpants and lives on fast food.
(squaw) (porkfat) (walrus)
holy fuck that chick is fat...look at the intesity on her face as she down those cheeseburgers
what a fucking sporkus
by Joel R May 29, 2005

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