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1)A rich tart with biscuit base, filled with a mixture of cream cheese, cream, sugar, and often sultanas. Occasionally accompanied by a novelty fruit topping, the elusive cherry.

2)A pre-meditated sex method in which the male strikes his female companion in the nose, and proceeds to ejaculate on her forehead. Gravity tends to cause said semen to descend down the females facial region, creating the notorious illusion of a cherry cheese cake.
"I heard you punched your girl in the face last night"
"It was for a good reason, young squire, for I then ejaculated on her face creating the notorious illusion of a cherry cheese cake"
by Joel McCabe November 25, 2006
An often used sex method developed by the ancient greeks in the 1600's. The male will unexpectedly sneak his hand into a well known position as the "G Spot" of the woman's vagina. This must be done with precaution. Relative speed, agility, grace, dedictation, balanace and a sense of compassion is necessary if said sneak is to be successul.
"Did you do her last night?"
"Ya man, and I even got a sneaky greek in there!"
*hi five*
by Joel McCabe November 25, 2006
An unhuman use of one's big toe, as they proceed to force penetration into somebody's rectum. This is done without consultation.
"I used the Turkish Toe In The Hole on my cat"
"high five"
by Joel McCabe November 25, 2006
To shove one's index and middle fingers up another indivudals rectum resulting in immense discomfort.
"He spontaneously performed the uncivil act of the musky on my grandma which in turn emmited immense quantities of blood from her seventy-two year old rectum"
by Joel McCabe November 25, 2006

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