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a girls dirty vag that has a tooth in place of the clitorous...that's right a tooth. Dirtay
last night i was bumpin dis bitch and she had a mah fuckin snagalpuss yo!
by Joel Johnson May 25, 2007
Does not come from military or football. It relates to the clothing industry. It is a term that tailors have used since the 1900's for denoting the extent that one wishes to invest in a custom-made suit. It takes exactly nine square yards of material to create a man's three-piece suit. If an individual desires a suit that is tailored to the "hilt" (double lined, etc.), he would request that the tailor should proceed with "the whole nine yards." Anything shy of nine yards would mean various alterations. This would lessen the overall quality of the suit.
The whole nine yards
by Joel Johnson November 14, 2006

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