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1 definition by Joel Glidden

A hick; a redneck, especially a redneck teenager. Talks endlessly about ATVs and various other automotives, guns, and weed; can be seen wearing Grateful Dead T-shirts, ragged baseball cpas with the visors bent inward, and occaisionally black, hooded sweatshirts.

Origin comes from their manner of speech: they're frequently caught using the words "dude" and "guy" in thier communication. For example; "Whoa guy, check out at muh f***in' foah-weelah, dude!" or "Yeah, dude, I just got a hemi! Don't touch it, guy!"

Usage of the term is popular around the Augusta, Maine area.
"The front of our high-school lobby is swamped every morning by a bunch of smelly dude-guys from Pittston."
by Joel Glidden March 29, 2004