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11 definitions by Joel D. Parker

Very attractive girls placed in corporate exhibit booths as hostesses in high tech conventions and exhibitions, hired as consultants for the occasion to lure nerds into the booth.

The Tech Con this year is replete with booth bait up and down the main exhibit aisle.
by Joel D. Parker September 25, 2006
Southernism for something very sparse or fine. Term given to the very fine blades of grass that ring the green in golf. Hence the phrase, "Fine as frog's hair."
I thought I was on the green but I was only in the frog's hair.
by Joel D. Parker September 25, 2006
Someone who constantly gesticulates the double quotation marks with the index and middle fingers of both hands while they talk.
The new lecturer in philosophy was such a quadtwitcher I thought he'd develop carpal tunnel.

by Joel D. Parker September 25, 2006
A shrewish wife. From Xantippe, the wife of Socrates.
e.g., Amazing how fast a new wife turns into a xantippe as soon as the honeymoon is over.
by Joel D. Parker September 25, 2006
Often called "Stumpy," especially by girls referring to men with small penises. Sometimes a racist slur by blacks to non-Blacks, or by Blacks or Whites to Asians.
She dumped him because he was a stumpdick in the sack.
by Joel D. Parker September 27, 2006
A phrase composed of a palindrome or other anagram denoting a special double entendre.

The Elvis biographers didn't realize they were using an anagrammatique when they wrote about "Elvis' levis."
by Joel D. Parker September 26, 2006
Twirling in circles with arms outstretched.

The whirling dervishes in Morocco can spinakimbo for hours.
by Joel D. Parker September 26, 2006