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3 definitions by Joel Cathey

(Adj.) ridiculously loud
"I'm trying to sleep but my roommates are ridiculoud!"
by Joel Cathey November 08, 2007
(Past-tense verb). When a couple kisses on the lips for the first time.
"Things went well with Tina last night. We PG-rated consummated."

Or this term can be mixed with the term GOMO to clarify.

"We PG-rated consummated, but we weren't GOMO.
by Joel Cathey May 22, 2007
(verb). Anagram meaning "get(ting) our mack on;" making out (kissing passionately with tongue)
"Do you think the people next to us in the movie theater were annoyed that we were totally GOMO?"
by Joel Cathey May 22, 2007