5 definitions by Joel Bossy

A person that wears black eyeliner frequently
Person 1- Omfg shes a raccoon
Person 2- STFU
by Joel Bossy December 06, 2006
Say this every time somebody asks you a question
Teacher: Timmy, did you do ur homework?
Timmy: No, I did your mom

Nerd getting pushed around: Stop guys, that hurts
Timmy: Thats what ur mom said last night
by Joel Bossy December 06, 2006
An emo that plays the wii
Thinking that the controllers edges are sharp enough to slit his wrist, but he fails
Emo Kid: I just got a wii
Timmy: WIIMO!!!
by Joel Bossy January 10, 2007
another word for "take a crap"
Person 1- OMG Im gonna deuce
Person 2- k i dont really care
by Joel Bossy December 07, 2006
Replace dude with dood, stressing the O's
Timmy: DUDE! WTF!
Joel: Dood, shutup
by Joel Bossy January 10, 2007

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