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2 definitions by Joel Beath

Flambunctiousness is the act of entering a social gathering in an over the top, excitable manner. Your aim is for people to notice you so that your / their approach will be made easier later on in the evening. Very popular among the gay community as a manner of greeting.
"My goodness did you see Henry last night, His entrance was so flambunctious.
by Joel Beath February 19, 2008
13 6
A person who bears a striking resemblance to yourself, or someone you know but is proportionately fatter. A doppelganger, but far fatter.
1. All I saw was his face dude, I thought it was you, then he stood up and whoahh, He was fat! A perfect Wobbelganger.

2. Oh god! That is how I'd look if I only ate burgers, she is my wobbleganger.
by Joel Beath November 19, 2009
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